6/10/2015 Update and Setback

So if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that a day ago I was getting pretty excited as I wrapped up the last of the list of things I needed to edit. Well, things were looking great. And seemingly, that’s exactly when the universe decides to pull the rug out from under me.

At the last minute, I received a message from an author friend who said she would critique my work. Sadly, she found enough that needs worked on to warrant delaying for at least another fifteen days. Considering how I felt the marathon was over, but was just informed I’ve got another few laps to go, my spirits are low. However, it isn’t all bad. On the upside, I’m getting much needed guidance and if it means a better story in the end, the setback will be worth it.

Yet this wasn’t all. I also received an unpleasant call. My grandmother has just been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. So yeah… That’s happening. I went from top of the world to bottom of the ocean in the course of just an hour. Yes, it was that quick. Got the email with critiques and hardly half an hour later, got the call.


By how terribly I’ve written this post, the fact that I haven’t sleep should probably also be brought up.  Updates might be a little sporadic until I get my spirits up, but as I write this, I can still feel my resolve returning. I’m not giving up, but I’ll probably be in a sour mood for a while.


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