9/9/2015 Mini-Update

So I’ve decided to take part in How Writers Write Fiction 2015. I feel there’s always something new to learn and I hope that taking part will help me break out of the writing slump I’ve found myself in.

I’d like to have more to say, but because my schedule has been so busy and I’ve had so little time or success writing, this will just be a mini-update.  Hopefully I will have a more important update next time.

It’s been a long time coming

This post…

This post has been coming for a long time now. This post has been virtually in the works for 10 months. Over a thousand hours of my life spent working toward a goal. And just a few days ago, I reached that goal.

My book is done.

I have, for the first time in my life, completed a story I set out to finish. Through countless attempts, I have finally completed my first step, as a writer, toward my dream.

I am an Author.

All of that said, it’s time I take my next few steps. As I posted in a prior update, I’ve begun querying agents. However, as you all know, this is a long and painful process. Additionally, I posted an update about future plans and story ideas. I have made my choice and will begin outlining shortly. In the mean time, I’m recovering from fatigue and taking up a few short stories that I’ve had floating around for a while.

However, before I sign off and take my much needed break, I will drop the WIP name of my next book.

Epic of Q’tal

My name is Jason Penn and I am an author.

7/14/2015 And so it beings

It certainly doesn’t feel like only 8 days have passed since my last post. This update will be short, but it’s a major one. As of today, I am querying agents. As of today, I’ve taken the next step in becoming a published author.

Now, I don’t assume it’ll work out immediately and everything will be sun shine and rainbows, but it is a big step. My book is finally in a state where only the eyes of an agent and editor can improve it. I can make tiny tweaks here and there for months, sure. However, I feel comfortable with what I’ve accomplished and waiting around trying to nail perfection won’t get me anywhere. It’s time to face the crucible and suffer rejection as all authors before me. Hopefully with it, I will grow.

7/6/2015 Update and Steps Forward

Nearly a month has passed and finally I return. I went to my grandfather’s 90th birthday and was able to spend a little time with both of my grandparents. My grandmother was doing as well as I could hope. It was awkward being around so many family members. The hundred and ten degree weather didn’t help the experience either. I’m just glad I was able to see them.

My writing stagnated after I received the feedback and it’s taken a lot to get myself back into the groove of things. However I’ve been in contact with her and she has given me lots of guidance.

I entered the Pitch to Publication event too. It helped get me writing again and even though I’m pretty sure I’m out of the running, it was far from a waste of time. I wrote an entirely new opening that brings the reader right in. I got a bunch of revisions done to the first chapter to make things flow better. And on top of that, I got some good experience in writing query letters. Over all, it was a good for me.

Today I sort of just woke up and started doing things. General house work, gardening, finishing a closet, and then I simply opened up my manuscript and started editing. I’ve gotten through the first chapter and I’m awaiting her critiques of the second and third. So in the mean time, I worked up the energy to write this update and to say that I haven’t given up.

With renewed vigor, I write on.

6/10/2015 Update and Setback

So if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that a day ago I was getting pretty excited as I wrapped up the last of the list of things I needed to edit. Well, things were looking great. And seemingly, that’s exactly when the universe decides to pull the rug out from under me.

At the last minute, I received a message from an author friend who said she would critique my work. Sadly, she found enough that needs worked on to warrant delaying for at least another fifteen days. Considering how I felt the marathon was over, but was just informed I’ve got another few laps to go, my spirits are low. However, it isn’t all bad. On the upside, I’m getting much needed guidance and if it means a better story in the end, the setback will be worth it.

Yet this wasn’t all. I also received an unpleasant call. My grandmother has just been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. So yeah… That’s happening. I went from top of the world to bottom of the ocean in the course of just an hour. Yes, it was that quick. Got the email with critiques and hardly half an hour later, got the call.


By how terribly I’ve written this post, the fact that I haven’t sleep should probably also be brought up.  Updates might be a little sporadic until I get my spirits up, but as I write this, I can still feel my resolve returning. I’m not giving up, but I’ll probably be in a sour mood for a while.